Grades 9-12 Programming

  • Welcome to Grade 9 and Monty Tech!

    This year marks the beginning of a very important four year journey for you.  Over the next few years you will learn more about yourself, your interests, strengths, and what road you may choose upon graduation.  Let our department help!  Don’t be afraid to get to know your School Counselor and take advantage of the supports and resources that we have in our department.

    “What will you do with us this year?”

    grade 9

  • Welcome to Grade 10!

    As a sophomore you have made significant progress both academically and within your vocational trade.  Now that you are an expert on how Monty Tech’s schedule operates and balancing your academic and vocational time, this year is all about self-exploration!  Counselors will encourage you in Grade 10 to consider your natural talents and interests and how those may drive your scheduling and planning decisions over the next few years.  Enjoy this time, keep your grades up, and be in touch with your Counselor as needed.

    “What will you do with us this year?”

    grade 10

  • Welcome to Grade 11!

    Okay, Juniors… Time to get serious.  Junior year is a BIG year for future planning and narrowing down your post-secondary ideas.  Depending on your direction, there are a number of different tasks you can be working on.  Let your Counselor help!  Visit SCOIR to build your resume, record school activities, review YouScience results to gain insight into your career or college pathway, or start following colleges that interest you!  Schedule an appointment with your School Counselor with any questions you might have during this very busy year!

    “What will you do with us this year?”

    grade 11

  • Welcome to Grade 12!

    You made it!  Congratulations on all of the hard work you have put into making it this far in your high school career.  Senior year is known to fly by fast so take advantage of everything that this year has to offer.  Counselors work with Seniors to finalize post-secondary plans and help ensure that students are walking away from Monty Tech with a direction and purpose.  Each and every one of you will have a different path to your future.  Embrace it and let us help you along the way!

    grade 12