• High school can be a stressful, anxiety provoking, and exciting time.  With so many changes happening as students discover who they are as young adults, Monty Tech recognizes the importance of providing social and emotional curriculum and support.  Monty Tech assists students in developing skills and maintaining mental wellness.  Finding balance and discovering who they are as individuals allows our students to become caring, empathic, and outstanding citizens that will contribute to our society in meaningful ways.

    Monty Tech offers a variety of resources and services.  These include:

    School Counselors: along with providing assistance in college and career readiness, counselors are available to provide social emotional support to our students and make referrals to:

    School Adjustment Counselor, Social Worker, and School Psychologist: students who require and would benefit from additional in-school counseling and support may work with one of our licensed mental health specialists.  These staff are the link between the home, school and community in providing services to promote and support students' academic and social success. Our Guidance Counselors work closely with our School Adjustment Counselor, Social Worker, and School Psychologist to refer students for services based on the needs and situations of individual students.  Additionally, students may also participate in supported group and focused workshops lead by our team of experts.  These include:

    Focused Lunch Groups: Students may participate in supported group sessions to build strategies in areas such as social skills, stress and anxiety management, coping skills, etc.  These sessions are lead and supervised by one of our licensed mental health specialists.  

    Stress Reduction Group: The group is a six-week referral based program for 9th grade students. Cognitive behavioral techniques and mindfulness skills are utilized to help students manage the stress that goes along with being a teenager and transitioning to a new school setting. Skills and techniques learned include deep breathing exercises, guided imagery, meditation, coping skills and identifying thinking errors.  

    LEADS for Youth Curriculum: LEADS: For Youth (Linking Education and Awareness of Depression and Suicide) is a curriculum for high school students in grades 9-12 that is designed to increase knowledge of depression and suicide, modify perceptions of depression and suicide, increase knowledge of suicide prevention resources, and improve intentions to engage in help-seeking behaviors.  

    Yoga and Meditative Art: Yoga and Meditative Art is an elective physical education course that combines yoga, meditation, and creative arts to support health and physical education. The course promotes mindfulness practices and aids students as they develop strategies to self-reflect and gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Please see your guidance counselor if you are interested in participating in this course.

    Student Wellness Advisory Team SWAT/SHINE:  The Student Wellness Advisory Team (SWAT) is comprised of a group of student volunteers who promote activities and messaging about mental and physical wellness.  Students guide conversations, develop activities, and provide feedback regarding mental wellness and school climate.  If you are interested in participating on this advisory, please stop by the Student Support Services office for more information.  

    Emergency Services: Students who need to be evaluated because they present as at risk for harming themselves or others will be referred for emergency services.  

    Supporting Transition for At –Risk Youth (STAY) Extended Leave Program: Guidance counselors may refer students to our Extended Leave Program following an excused absence lasting longer than 7-10 school days due to medical/mental health issues, family emergencies, etc.  This program is designed to assist students with necessary accommodations as they return to school, provide support to coordinate with teachers regarding make up work, and allow for a successful reintegration back into the classroom.  

    Student Review Team/Instructional Support Team:  Monty Tech Staff concerned that a student may be struggling socially, emotionally, behaviorally, or academically will provide support with basic intervention techniques, such as contacting parents/guardians and/or consulting with school counseling, academic accommodations, etc.  If concerns continue following basic intervention, Monty Tech Staff will refer the student to the Student Review Team/Instructional Support Team for further discussion to to ensure that all reasonable actions are taken to support struggling learners prior to referral for an initial special education/504 evaluation.