• Plumbing

  • The Plumbing program at Monty Tech is suited for those students interested in pursuing careers in the plumbing, heating and cooling trades.  This popular program exposes students to concepts in water piping and distribution, pipefitting, gas-fitting, sanitary plumbing, and hydronic heating.  Students complete a number of shop projects, as well as live work, which includes maintaining the facility at Monty Tech and the school's annual building project.  Students in their Junior and Senior year of study work closely with the talented Monty Tech Plumbing Instructors to design and install the plumbing, heating, and fuel piping in the annual project, highlighting the technical skills they have developed throughout the course of the four-year program.

  • After graduation students may seek employment in any of the following career pathways:

    • Plumbing/Heating /Mechanical Contractors
    • Wholesale and Retail Supply
    • Plumbing/Heating Service
    • Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
    • Pipefitting Contractors
    • Fire Protection & Sprinkler Fitters