• The MCJROTC offers cadets the opportunity for cadets to develop confidence in giving and receiving orders through precision and complex drill movements. The Monty Tech drill team allows cadets to practice advanced drill commands while performing as a member of a unit. The attention to detail requires an enormous amount of dedication through practice and knowledge of advanced drill movements, not normally learned and rehearsed through the regular JROTC curriculum. The Monty Tech drill team has the opportunity to compete at the local, state, regional, and national level throughout the year.  Each competition and practice session fosters the opportunity for cadets to showcase their dedication toward the unit and their tremendous marching skills. Monty Tech’s drill team is open to all cadets enrolled in the MCJROTC program within Monty Tech.  Cadets are held to a high academic and moral standard and are expected to attend weekly drill practices. A certain level of proficiency is expected of each cadet on the drill team therefore it is asked of each cadet to hone their skills on their own time and not only during weekly practices.  Cadets interested in joining the Drill Team should contact Cadet Gunnery Sergeant Bilotta or listen for drill team announcements during weekly formations.

    We meet on Wednesday, from 2:45 - 6:00pm in Room #520.

    Club Advisor:  Mrs. Jasmine Silvera

drill team